Whether you’re a butcher, a pork butcher, a delicatessen owner, a fishmonger, a pastry maker or a chocolate maker, etc., your traditions and authentic expertise depend on quality safe produce that requires the best in refrigeration technology. We hold the same high standards to live up to your requirements: innovation and bespoke refrigeration. 

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metiers de bouche

Why should the catering profession
choose Lecapitaine?

Space optimisation

With our wide range of accessories: shelving, load restraint tracks, etc., every square centimeter is used to store your foodstuffs.

Bespoke access

Side and rear doors facilitate loading and unloading, and are fitted according to your specific needs.

Go for ergonomics

Choose us for a user-friendly product. We work hard to provide you with options that will make your rounds lighter: from ergonomic equipment to our sophisticated reversing camera.

Sur mesure

Switch to customisation

Get the best of our know-how and technological innovations, whatever your requirements.

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