Each innovation is a solution

Urban by Lecapitaine


To facilitate and optimise deliveries in urban areas, we designed Urban by Lecapitaine, our new refrigerated bodywork for light commercial vehicles.

Discover Urban, the new refrigerated bodywork


To meet urban distribution needs, the SimpleLock door holding solution facilitates and secures your deliveries.

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In urban zones, time is money. To simplify your deliveries, we patented a new door opening system that is convenient and efficient.

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How can you keep the mobility of a light goods vehicle and increase its payload? We’ve done it for you with a new assembly system.

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The environment and people are central
to Lecapitaine’s innovations 

More environmentally friendly

Today, we’re already designing vehicle bodies that can be adapted to the vehicles of tomorrow: reduced weight, recycled materials, aerodynamics, etc.

More user-friendly for transport professionals

Research is also key to creating the best working conditions. Just like our EasyAcc’Air technology, we're developing solutions that will minimise the physical effort needed as well as enhancing operator safety.

Added safety for goods

When we try out new materials or new assembly techniques, or when we choose ever more efficient refrigeration units, our aim is to add value to the goods that you carry.


Our research laboratory

Our engineers working on innovative projects have a testing Laboratory based at our facility in Saint-Lô at their disposal.

innovation récompensée

Winner of innovation awards

Each innovation by Lecapitaine is the fruit of several years of research and development, and as such, we are hugely proud of the prestigious awards we have won.

Innovation at your disposal

From the moment our company was founded, it was in our DNA to research, anticipate and invent for your business. This state of mind, combined with 85 years of experience means that we are well out in front when it comes to meeting the challenges of the fu

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Welcome to the factory

To get a true measure of our expertise, you should enter our production facility at Saint-Lô and take a look at our manufacturing process.

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